Best Croque Madames - Lafayette

The 5 Best Croque Madames in NYC

We’ve been hunting for the best Croque Madames in New York City because, i our opinion, a Croque Madame is the ultimate brunch food. It’s got ham, and cheese, a delicious béchamel sauce, a perfectly cooked egg on top and – if it’s a good one – the perfect bread to sop up all the goodness. The meat and cheese to bread ratio is crucial, and ordering it sans egg shouldn’t even be an option. Crispy fries serve as the ideal side.

It was difficult, but we went on a search around the city to find the best of this French brunch delicacy; below, our 5 favorite Croque Madames in NYC.


Best Croque Madames - Lafayette


Best Croque Madame - Beaubourg

The Odeon

Best Croque Madam - The Odeon

Cafe Luxembourg

Best Croque Madam - Cafe Luxembourg


Best Croque Madam - Buvette

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