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Cambridge Beaches Resort


Wheels up to touch down, you can get to Bermuda from New York faster than you can get down to Atlanta. Say whaaaa!? This tiny tropical island in the Atlantic is an idyllic weekend getaway, and it should be on the radar of every beach-going traveler.

Bermuda truly is a small island at just 20.5sq miles in total. It has postcard-worthy pink-sand beaches, world-renowned golf courses, and perfect weather (90’s in the summer and mid-70’s in the winter). There are plenty of places to stay near the airport, but we recommend opting for something a little more removed from the buzz of main town. As a local expert put it, Bermuda is shaped like a fishing hook. The airport is at the top where you thread the fishing line and Cambridge Beaches & Resort is down around at the tip, where the end of the hook lies. Any stress you brought along on your trip will quickly dissipate on the 40 minute drive from the airport to the resort, passing crystal clear Bermuda waters along the way.

Cambridge Beaches & Resort is a sprawling property and one of the oldest resorts on the island. The quaint guests houses are painted in sea-shell pink, reminiscent of Bermuda’s famed pink sand beaches. The color of the water here really is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The shades of blues, greens, and turquoises seem to glow ultra-violet when the mid-day sun hits the water just right.

We recommend booking one of the deluxe ocean view rooms, perched on a hill looking down at the water and out onto the endless horizon. Being at the “tip of the fish hook”, the property is surrounded on three sides by ocean, affording amazing sunrises on the East side and crazy cotton candy sunsets on the West. In the mornings, head down to the beach to snag one of the squatty chairs and pull it into the surf; you won’t find a better place to shut it all off and read a book in all of the Atlantic. The resort is outfitted with several huge, circular floating rafts which are anchored right off the beach. Somehow a rum swizzle – the local drink of choice – tastes even better while buoyed out in waist high water. A beach side lunch and a couple more swizzles and you’ll be ready to stretch out for an afternoon nap on one of the turquoise loungers. They don’t call themselves “the Ahhh in Bermuda” for nothin’.

Cambridge has several restaurants, all of which are quite delicious. In the mornings, a complimentary and extensive spread is offended at Tamarisk. Even the coffee is rich and beachy in style; it’s nutty and has a deep Earthy flavor that keeps you coming back for more. Enjoy a lunch beachside, then head to Cambridge’s Breezes restaurant for a fresh spiny lobster dinner (lobster season is September through March). If you get to dinner early enough, grab a table set in the sand. You’ll watch the sky light up in vibrant pinks and blues as the sun sinks down into the Atlantic.

Cambridge Beaches is about total relaxation. The spa is top notch, and the resort has several tennis courts as well as water activities like kayaking and paddle boarding at their onsite marina. They don’t allow children under the age of 13, so it’s not the place for a big family vacation with all the kiddie in toe. But for an adults-only weekend away, it’s absolutely ideal. The pink sand beaches are beautiful, the water is stunning, and Bermuda is so close – yet so far away- away.

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