Casa San Agustin Cartagena NEW

Casa San Agustin

Cartagena, Colombia

To be completely honest, we’re enamored with Cartagena and Jetblue’s direct flight to from JFK makes getting there now, easier than ever. Driving in through the old city walls is transporting. Cartagena comes alive with bustling streets full of cafés, music, and vendors selling fresh fruit juices and savory cheese arepas. The Spanish colonial town is charming beyond expectation, with beautiful architecture and vibrant Caribbean colors on every street-front façade.

Cartagena will take your breathe away. It’s an insanely charming, Spanish colonial port town that has long served as an important and fascinating city within Colombia.

The experience becomes that much more captivating with a stay at the Hotel Casa San Agustin. There’s no question about it, this beautifully restored residence turned luxury boutique hotel is among our favorite in the world. Draped with lush foliage, the hotel’s colonial-era whitewashed walls are home to 26 guest rooms and a breathtaking courtyard pool. The service is top notch, yet still laid-back and friendly. Hanging out by the courtyard pool with a cappuccino will undoubtedly become part of your morning routine here and finishing your night there with a glass of local rum will be your favorite way to unwind. While the courtyard catches sun, if you really want to soak in the rays head up to the loungers on the roof and enjoy a view of the colorful Cartagena rooftops.

“Oh wow” were the words, verbatim, that we uttered up entering the guest rooms. Large wood doors open to reveal your impressively large abode. Modern amenities are juxtaposed against local, colonial decor and woodwork. Most rooms come with a spacious sitting area and beautiful balcony views.

While Casa San Agustin does have the lovely courtyard pool, you should also spend a day out in the beautiful islands of Cartagena’s coast. Opt for an excursion with the hotel to Isla Baru. A 40 minute speadboat ride, and you’ll be at the hotel’s sister property, Agua Baru. Here you can lounge on the day beds and dine al fresco, while surrounded by beautiful blue water and lush green tropical foliage. These islands – including the Rosario Islands – are where you’ll want to head for some of the best beaches in Colombia.

Easily among the top 3 of our most beloved boutique hotels in the world, Casa San Agustin will captivate you with its balance of luxury and local charm.



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