Heatonist – Hot Sauce Store & Tasting Room


Photo Cred: Heatonist and Compass + Twine

A hot sauce tasting room? Yes, please. This sleek white space in Williamsburg is lined with rows and rows of fiery and flavorful hot sauces. Building off the success of their online business, owner Noah Chaimberg recently opened the company’s first brick and mortar store – complete with a tasting area. If you’re visiting Smorgasburg (the Brooklyn food fair) or grabbing BBQ at Fette Sau, it’s worth popping into this little Williamsburg shop to stock up on some heat. They’re affectionately known as the ‘purveyors of fine hot sauces’, and have best sellers like the Ghost Pepper & Blueberry Hot Sauce, the Bangkok, and the insanely calienté Tears of the Sun.




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