Big Bend West Texas Destination Guide Marfa Alpine

Highlights From A West Texas Road Trip


Often times, the places that are hardest to get to are the ones most worth visiting. West Texas certainly fits in the category. While its eastern neighbors, like Austin and San Antonio, tend to get all the attention, West Texas has a burgeoning art scene, amazing food, rich culture, and – of course – the incredible Big Bend National Park. You’ll need to chisel out at least a couple days to have enough time for proper exploration, since West Texas is pretty darn spread out. Drive times from one town to the next can be at least 30 minutes; longer if you’re driving at night because wild jackrabbits and javelina dart across the highway at unnerving rates. One of the most beautiful and remote parts of the country, a trip to West Texas is well worth travel time. Below, highlights from the trip!

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