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Our Favorite Camera Bags

When you invest in a nice camera, you want to be able to take it with you everywhere. Big vacations, momentous life events, and casual dinners with friends all merit being captured on film. But what you don’t want is to look super nerdy, toting around the standard issue, basic bag that came with the camera when you bought it. You want to feel good about carrying your camera bag with you and that’s why we love Johansen Camera Bags.


The bags are attractive and come in a wide range of styles and colors- from backpacks to shoulder totes and even bags that look just like a purse! The Siena is the perfect bag for a nice out. The gorgeous tobacco color will compliment any outfit no matter the season. Inside, there is ample space for your camera, an extra lens and even your wallet so you won’t need to carry anything extra!


We love the Bellbrook backpack because it has so many neat compartments. There’s space for your laptop, chargers, and plenty of space for extra lenses and camera gear. It will easily become your new go-to camera bag for any outdoor excursion.


Johansen Camera Bags allow you to look comfortable and professional while still looking stylish.


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