Punderdome DO

Punderdome 3000

Park Slope, Brooklyn

Photo Cred: Punderdome 3000 and Compass + Twine

You know all those ultra nerds from high school? Turns out, they’re the funny ones and the proof is in the Punderdome.

WTF is Punderdome, might you ask? It’s a competition based solely on Puns, and it is pretty darn punny (get it!?). Held on the first Tuesday of every month in Park Slope, Punderdome 3000 has already garnered a large following, and the crowd just keeps growing each month. Father-daughter duo, Fred and Jo Firestone, team up to host the hilarious and interactive show. Fred is your typical embarrassing dad, telling dorky-funny jokes and tossing candy to the audience. Jo, a comedian who is strikingly reminiscent of Rachel Dratch from SNL, is hilarious and keeps the show moving along.

Anyone can compete, as long as you’re one of the first 18 individuals (or teams) to sign up that night.  The show runs several rounds with a different theme each round. One of the themes on the night we attend was “Back to School”. You’d be amazed at how many subtle and hysterical sexual references can come out of this seemingly benign topic. At the end of each round, the audience votes via applause meter, sending a few lucky nerds onto the next round.

As bad as they can be sometimes, this show embraces pun jokes with open arms. Punderdome 3000 is a brilliant blend of dorkiness and hilarity – well worth a Tuesday night visit. Tickets are cheap- just $6 – for a night that promises to be fun, casual and have you in stitches.

Featured Photo Cred: Punderdome 3000

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