Sleep Accessories NEW



Sleep Accessories NEW

We stumbled across the Muji store in Soho last year and have been addicted to it ever since. The Japanese company provides simple, minimalist products with a focus on the quality and purity of their materials. They are a price-conscious and nature-oriented company, which is a swell combo.  This neck pillow is a favorite of ours. The soft beading inside forms a fitted cushion around your neck, unlike the hard foam ones at the airport that push your head forward. The Muji neck pillow also has clasp that keeps it in place around your neck and attaches easily to luggage when your are walking around. Cost: 19.95 British Pounds or ~$31.00 USD (the US site is under construction).

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Yeah, she’s not a looker – but, boy, does she get the job done. If you want serious comfort, steadiness and complete and utter darkness, then this eye mask is the way to go. Especially for the long haul flights or bright hotel rooms, this mask is the best at holding its position and shutting out all the light. It’s also excellent for migraines, but we digress. It’s heavenly.  Cost: $29

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