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A Bike Tour around Edgartown with the Vineyard Square Hotel

One of the best ways to experience a new destination is to hop on a bike and whirl around, exploring at your own leisure. When complimentary bikes are offered at a hotel, it has to be one of our favorite and most utilized amenities. So when we saw that the Vineyard Square Hotel  offered bikes to guests during our first trip to Martha’s Vineyard, we couldn’t wait to hop on. These bikes aren’t just any bikes though, they’re awesome, vintage white Schwinn’s, complete with a basket for your belongings.

Vineyard Square Hotel Marthas Vineyard Mass Drive away

Set in the heart of Edgartown, one of Martha’s Vineyard’s most beloved and charming towns, the location of the hotel couldn’t be more ideal. Shops, restaurants, famous landmarks and beaches are all within a few blocks from the hotel. Pack some light snacks and maybe a bottle a vino and hop on as we take you on a tour of around Edgartown with Vineyard Square…

Okay, wait! Don’t jump on quite yet. One of the best art galleries on the island lies on the hotel property itself. Before you head to the bike rack around back, walk through the Eisenhauer Gallery. Here you’ll find a highly curated collection of paintings and sculptures displayed by over 40 different artists from around the country. Fully embracing the art culture, additional pieces form the gallery can be found throughout the hotel property.


Alright, now it’s time to jump on those old-school Schwinn’s. First, take a left onto the town’s main street, North Water, which passes directly in front of the hotel. Heading east, you’ll pass by beautiful old Captain’s houses, some with the traditional shingle-style and some with crisp white wood facades accented by red, white and blue American flags.


When you see the little turn off sign for the lighthouse, take a right and ride down the narrow gravel path out to the beach. Set your bikes in the sand and walk the last few steps to the iconic Edgartown Lighthouse. You can go up to the top or just sit at the bottom and enjoy the see breeze while you watch the fishermen wading waist-deep in the waters around you.


Next, keep cycling east and follow the road around until you hit the beach. Here you’ll find some of the most breath-taking estates on the island. Perfectly manicured lawns and stunning houses line the neighborhood roads.Vineyard square hotel marthas vineyard mass

Heading back into the main area of town, park your bikes in front of Behind the Bookstore Café for some coffee and a light snack. This adorable coffee shop will quickly turn into one of your favorite spots in Edgartown.

Vineyard square hotel marthas vineyard mass

Circle back down past North Water Street to the marina area where you’ll come across all the best shops. From classic “Vineyard” tees to fun maritime home-goods, this area offers everything you’re looking for, including (of course) a Vineyard Vines store.


Now back to the hotel, but be sure and make one last stop at Mad Martha’s homemade ice cream or Murdick’s Fudge first. We couldn’t pick a favorite between the two, so you’d better try both.


As you wheel back up to the Vineyard Square Hotel and place your bikes back in the rack, don’t think that your experience is over quite yet. You’ve worked hard and gotten your cardio in for the day, so we suggest beeline-ing straight for a massage at the hotel’s spa! Sea Spa Salon happens to be one the best spas on the island and it’s only steps from your room – lucky you!

Vineyard Square Hotel Marthas Vineyard Mass Drive away

Enjoy the ride!

Compass + Twine was welcomed guest of the Vineyard Square Hotel and we thank them for their hospitality. As always, all of our opinions are our own.


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